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The Roddenberries Album Drive

🚨 It's official - the battle for the empire will be fought here in Philly!


Our next spectacle will feature Robert O'Reilly and J.G. Hertzler as Chancellors Gowron and Martok on Thursday October 29th! 🖖

Tickets on sale now

Our new album Eat The Roddenberries is now available for purchase!


The Roddenberries are Philadelphia’s own premiere Star Trek tribute band/multi-media-performance experience, forged in 2012 to explore sensible new parodies, seek out new allies and unite the Nerd-O-Sphere, and BOLDLY go where NO Star-Band has gone before!

Their shows present a unique melding of rock-n-roll cabaret and parody, spanning the realms of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, comics and beyond.  Pure sci-fi awesomeness not to be missed!

Enterprise Doors Open Into Bridge - Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff, Joseph Sorokin
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