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"The Roddenberries are a great musical group.  We had them perform for us for the 50th Anniversary. They did take our name, but you know, I think they actually brought it up a level - not with just the music they do, and not just the performance they have, but the integrity that the group has.  They have fun with it, they are genuine, and they really know how to bring a house down.  I love those guys - check them out!” - Rod Roddenberry

“Don't miss THE RODDENBERRIES!  If you haven't seen (them) in concert, then you have not lived! ...The Roddenberries carry the name of our leader with outrageous talent, humor, grit, insanity and sheer super human brilliance...  Without reservation the most talented, unique and glory-bound band I have ever experienced.  I am a fan forever!” - J.G. Hertzler; ST: DS9's Chancellor Martok

"A bawdy-sweet Star Trek cabaret"

- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The Roddenberries are masters of musical mirth..." - Geekadelphia

"Rock's answer to a Star Trek tribute band!"

- The Courier Post

"Their show is like the coolest birthday party you remember from your childhood; the one where everyone's got a sugar high from eating Pop Rocks and jumping on the Moon Bounce all day.  They do cabaret right."  - Jess Conda, Artistic Director, Brat Productions

Enterprise Doors Open Into Bridge - Jack Finlay, Douglas Grindstaff, Joseph Sorokin
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"The Roddenberries are AWESOME!"

- Josh Goldblum, creator, The Awesome Fest

"A fun, energetic, and downright musical group of sci-fi nerds that can pack a house and keep it hopping.  So much more than a Star Trek band, The Roddenberries are pop-music gurus that tickle your inner nerd with lyrics and melody.  Hands down the best Star Trek tribute band we’ve ever hosted”

- Al Bruno, Program Developer, The Franklin Institute